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What can we do for you?

Availability and support are our recipe for success, our attention is focused on the customer as a human being. Nitz engineering provides a complete service through the design, assembly and installation of your work stations. We offer impartial advice and develop the best solutions for your project.

With your cooperation, we create tailor-made solutions with maximum functionality, efficiency, quality and ergonomics. Perfect combinations of laboratory furniture, electrification systems, positioning devices, etc. for optimal work environments with a consequent increase in the motivation of employees and their productivity.

Nitz engineering accompanies you until the completion of your project. In case you have questions, requests or suggestions, we are always at your disposal

  • Design

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  • Production

  • Fast and safe delivery all over Europe
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Sophisticated and practical: individual, targeted, integrated and accurate

The design service of Nitz Engineering includes, in its DNA, a sophisticated system vision that leads to a tangible concept. Practical and applied immediately, the product functions as a separate part and at the same time as part of a networked system. During the design phase all the regulations in the field of safety and ergonomics of the workplace are taken into consideration.

Preliminary design

In the initial planning phase the existing situation is analyzed, the technical feasibility is tested and a cost estimate is performed. Design studies of diversified laboratories help the analysis of workflow and processes. The accurate analysis of the processes and of all possible variants makes it possible to define the needs, requirements and priorities that the workplace must have, in relation to its primary and secondary functions.

Detailed planning

User interfaces are organized according to the ergonomic and psychological principles of the user and the space is optimized as a whole on the work processes and flow of materials. All this includes a detailed planning of the work areas, of the furnishing elements, of the space requirements, of the multimedia needs and of the cable management. Interfaces for electricity and other users, networking and automation technologies, are optimally integrated into the furnishings. Nitz engineering transforms your requests and ideas into a practical and efficient solution.


Every detail is expected, the environment as a whole is displayed with 2D and 3D drawings and as video. The different designs provide a realistic view of the layout, environment and functionality of the workstation system. The individual work station, environmental conditions and plan can be viewed from any perspective.

Sophisticated and concrete

  • 1. The analysis of the situation and the definition of the objectives take place during the planning phase
  • 2. Conceptual design and cost analysis
  • In what way and by what means can the desired conditions be achieved? How should the system be configured and what changes to the surrounding environment are necessary?

  • 3. Evaluation
  • Evaluation of design concepts with reference to technical and economic factors.

  • 4. Decision and start of implementation

High quality solutions and partnerships with leading manufacturers on the international market

At the end of the design, the production of your workstation can start. We use only high quality solutions and we make use of the partnership with the most important international producers. Whatever the environment to be created, our solutions respond to the latest ergonomic and technical developments. We develop solutions with maximum efficiency, in compliance with current standards and standards.

After completion of the quality and functionality tests, the finished parts will be assembled by Nitz engineering, packaged securely and prepared for shipping.

Fast and safe delivery all over Europe

Pre-assembly at Nitz engineering

The products are pre-assembled at Nitz engineering. Structures and elements are wired and tested to ensure perfect operation. The components are packaged to ensure safe transport.

Transportation and preparation for on-site assembly

After the completion of the quality and functionality tests, we agree with you the delivery date. We check the conditions of the rooms of destination and of transport and unloading operations on the floor: possibility of transit of vehicles, parking, permits, location of the floor, door width, presence of stairs, etc.

Assembly on site

Our qualified technicians or technicians from our partner companies ensure a professional installation of your workstations.

Installation and commissioning

During the preparation of the work stations, a preliminary analysis is carried out and, if necessary, depending on the products purchased, simultaneous training is provided to the teaching staff or users. Further tests and checks are carried out on site to guarantee the quality and optimal operation of the solutions. Nitz engineering verifies the correct installation at destination and eliminates risks for its customers (risk transfer).

User training

On request, during installation and commissioning, we perform training for the competent personnel regarding the assembly, care and maintenance of the workstation.

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