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Operating room / Control room

Control rooms are environments in which the highest standards in terms of technology, safety and innovation are required. The design and construction of these spaces requires specific skills and extensive experience in setting up operations centers and creating complex workstations, able to guarantee operators safety, durability, flexibility and ergonomics. Physical and psychological well-being of the sector operators are the objectives that Nitz places in the realization of these rooms, since the ergonomic technical furniture solutions are essential for the concentration and high performance, especially in the control rooms for the use 24/7. The wide range of solutions offers standard or variable height consoles.

Your benefit

Ergonomic monitor support: optimal visual angle of supervision and control elements
Practical and safe integration of all technical components such as: PC, power supplies and cables
Easy access to the technical substructure for inspection and control
Space optimization
Quality, functionality, flexibility and sustainability
Customization for any need


The workstation are equipped with the highest safety standards for the user. The aim is the health of the operator and his psychological and physical well-being. During the first planning phase, all possible problems and safety rules to be observed are examined.


Monitoring centers: observe, recognize, react
  • Operations centers
  • Security Centers
  • Traffic control rooms
  • Telecommunications operational centers
  • Financial sector control stations (e.g. stock exchange operators)
  • Control rooms: function and design
  • Remote control
  • Calculation centers


    Process control: intervene, operate, regulate
  • Process control centers
  • Production control
  • Home automation and building automation

  • Production control centers: protect, defend, integrate
  • Energy production
  • Food and pharmaceutical processes
  • Distribution networks


Video surveillance


Public administration

Information Technology

Energy and Gas

Savety and Defense

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