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The latest product from Nitz. A line of high-tech consoles that combines an attractive design with the highest quality and technology. Suitable for all types of environments where constant video control is required. Conceptually conceived as the admiral line: ComLine, guarantees maximum performance, halved production times and economic savings. Easy to use and install, it allows you to create console formations of any type: single, in-line, semi-circle ... Perfectly complying with the regulations on ergonomics, conquest for its simplicity and timeless colors.


Video surveillance


Public administration

Information Technology

Energy and Gas

Savety and Defense

SuccessLine console

  • Worktop surface complying with DIN 53799 and DIN 4102 standards
  • Large cable channel under the worktop
  • Stable support frame in rectangular steel tube
  • Removable front and rear panels
  • Multiple shapes and configurations for all needs
  • Responding to EN-ISO 11064-4 standards

Accessories for SuccessLine console

  • Angle modules of different sizes
  • Drawers under worktop
  • Shelves fixed or removable for the substructure
  • Electrical sockets
  • Table lamps and LED lamps


  • Low cabinets with hinged or sliding doors
  • High cabinets with shelves and / or drawers
  • Open cabinets
  • Cabinets with reinforced shelves


  • Armchairs 24/7 with British Standard certification 5459-2: 2000 + A2: 2008
  • Ergonomic armchairs certified UNI EN 1335-1-2-3
  • Operator's chairs conform to the D.L. 81 type A or type B

Upper structures for SuccessLine console

  • Aluminum profiles for height growth
  • Aluminum crossbar for fixing the monitors
  • Fixed and extensible monitor holders
  • Matrix panel for the containment of lamps / buttons / devices


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