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QInside Wireless charging

wireless charging solutions with the worldwide standard Qi

QInside wireless charging solutions, lead by the global standard Qi, brings a completely new dimension of technical comfort. Thanks to Qi technology, wireless charging is no longer just a dream for the future. 

Wireless charging is the future of home and business technology convenience. Our Qi1001 wireless charging station allows for maximum ease and power with minimum hassle. Simply convert home or office furniture into full powered charging outlets with the help of Qi charging solutions.

You can forget about all those various chargers and that cable spaghetti and charge your phone on our NEW Qivolino wireless charging table with integrated Qi1001 Charging Station and on our wooden charge pad! Use our Qi compatible Receiver Qi2001 in the form of a practical key ring for iPhones and all Micro-USB phones.

While Qi offers a wide range of versatile options to its consumers, the simplicity of the Qivolino Smart Wireless Charging Table is unparalleled. This stylish table comes in a variety of colors, and is the perfect standalone option for all your charging needs. It’s purchasable in large and medium formats, and comes in either square or circle shape. It comes with the Qi charging technology pre-installed, and the battery pack will last a full ten hours without needing replacement.

The Qivolino Smart Wireless Charging Table really is perfect for home and business alike. It’s easy to use, fast to set up, and ready to give power at a moment’s notice.

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Products protected by international patents
One of the world's best gadgets
7 years of innovation
Excellent individual support
Member of Wireless Power Consortium
Multidevice wireless charging
Forget about all those various chargers
Indipendent of time and place
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