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PCB Prototyping

Short development phases and immediate entry into the market thanks to internal PCBs prototyping that allows the development, production and rapid adaptation of prototypes for new projects. In a single day, a simple idea can become a completed prototype. In addition to the rapid development phases, internal prototyping gives a series of additional benefits, such as the confidentiality of data and projects that remain within your company, this involves the optimization of time and the reduction of costs related to outsourcing of the service.


Rapid phase of development and entry on the market with a decisive competitive advantage
All data and projects remain within the company
Possibility of flexible and fast changes
Waiver of external service providers

Universities and Companies

The different versions of the circuit board plotter ProtoMat allow the production of PCB prototypes of any level of complexity. The models can be used in their compact form in the didactic field, or they can be used as an advanced tool for the production of complex prototypes in the business environment.

Furthermore, constant updates are made on the ProtoMat series models. Companies and universities use Lpkf's world-renowned solutions. The collaboration between universities and companies leads to full use of the technical and economic benefits of rapid PCBs prototyping.

This allows companies to transfer and / or develop PCB prototypes at local universities. Prototyping no longer occurs inside, however small changes can be made during the development phase.

Take advantage of all the possibilities! Whether you are a university or a company, the best possible use of state-of-the-art LPKF PCB manufacturing solutions can be achieved through optimal cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you best!

Our products

  • Circuit board plotter for PCB - Internal PCB prototyping and small series production
  • Laser structuring - Innovative laser technology for rapid prototyping of non-contact PCBs
  • LDS Prototyping - Complete solutions for the production of three-dimensional prototypes
  • Metallization - Reduced production times thanks to high quality metallization
  • Multilayer - Internal production of multilayer printed circuits
  • SMT technology - Internal equipment of high density PCB prototypes




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