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Born from the strong experience gained in more than 40 in close contact with our customers, LabLine is the line of technical furniture designed directly by Nitz to create laboratories of high technological value. This type of furniture has been conceived with a specific attention to the ergonomics of the workplace and to environmental sustainability. Produced and produced entirely in Italy, it meets all the requirements of a state-of-the-art laboratory.





Public administration

Information Technology


Security and Defense

LabLine tables

  • Worktop surface complying with DIN 53799 and DIN 4102 standards
  • Large cable channel under worktop, adjustable in height
  • Stable support frame in rectangular steel tube with central reinforcement
  • Legs in aluminum profile with grooves
  • CATAS certificates and compliant with EN-ISO 11064-4 and EN 527-1 standards

Accessories for LabLine tables

  • Angular modules of different sizes for the realization of multiple configurations
  • Drawers on castors or fixed
  • PC holder open to be applied to the legs and closed PC cabinets
  • Electrical outlets
  • Table lamps and lamps with magnifying lenses

Upper structures for LabLine tables

  • Aluminum profiles for height growth
  • Aluminum crossbar for fixing the monitors
  • Fixed and extensible monitor holders
  • Tilting storage shelves
  • Lamps under shelf


  • Low cabinets with hinged or sliding doors
  • High cabinets with shelves and / or drawers
  • Open cabinets
  • Cabinets with reinforced shelves

Metal cabinets for laboratories and mechanical workshops

  • High cabinets and wall units
  • Fixed and wheeled drawer units
  • Drawer and shelves
  • Tool trolleys
  • Subdivision material & labeling systems


  • Laboratory trolleys
  • Instrumentation trolleys
  • Trolleys with shelves and electrification
  • Tool trolleys


Where to find us

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